Wellness Therapies strives to provide a safe, healing environment for our clients and a healthy, balanced workspace for our providers.

We work together to create a sense of community, and a shared vision of pathways for healing, well-being, and growth.

we are stronger. together

Wellness Therapies Spokane is a community of therapists dedicated to helping clients find pathways of healing, growth, well-being, empowerment, and acceptance. Wellness Therapies strives to provide a safe and healing environment for our clients, and a healthy and balanced workspace for our providers. We work together to create a sense of community, and a shared vision of pathways for healing, well-being, and growth. Wellness Therapies stands in solidarity with the Black, and LGBTQ+ communities, our marginalized, vulnerable, and at-risk populations in the fight against racism and all forms of oppression. We believe that a person’s healthcare decisions should be between themselves and their medical providers. We believe that all individuals have the right to be accepted for their unique and authentic selves, which includes the right to make their own medical decisions.

Our Mission

We believe that all people should have access to our programs and, as such, accept most insurances including Medicaid and Medicare. We believe that therapists thrive in an environment where they are supported to learn and grow, where they have a sense of autonomy and choice over who they see and when they schedule, and where they feel well supported in making important clinical decisions.

Working for WTS

Working for WTS

We support our providers in identifying the clinical population(s) they wish to work with. Therapists are not asked to see clients they do not feel fit well for them.

Working for WTS

  • WTS provides malpractice insurance covering all employees ~$270 annual value
  • Providers are paid hourly.
  • Providers are paid for hours worked, not just billed hours. This includes when there is a no-show or late cancel.
  • All therapists are paid for their administrate hours worked. We ask for a 70/30 ratio of billable to admin time in the first 5yrs as a therapist. We ask for a ~75/25 ratio for more experienced therapists. New therapists have 3-4 months to work towards this and we understand that there can be variables beyond their control that may affect this monthly, so this is reviewed using averages over several month’s time.

Supervision and Consultation

  • All therapists receive 1 paid hour of clinical group consultation per week
  • 1hr per month staff are led in a self-care group exercise to include different guided meditations, QiGong, Yoga, collaging, social time, etc.
  • Associates are offered an additional 1 paid hour of supervision per week.
  • EMDR trained therapists receive free EMDRIA certified consultation to work towards certification.

Working for WTS

Administrative support

Therapists are provided with comprehensive training in documentation and have access to documentation support and consultation throughout their career.

WTS provides an administrative and billing team that, along with their traditional administrative duties, offers a menu of support options to providers including, but not limited to:

  • Complete scheduling and onboarding
  • Collection of co-pays and deductibles
  • Billing and billing research as needed
  • Scheduling and rescheduling of existing clients
  • Working for WTS


    Employees who work 30 hours or are eligible for our complete benefits package. Employees who work 25-29 hours are eligible for a reduced benefits package. All employees are eligible for some benefits.

    • All employees are eligible for sick leave.
    • All employees who have worked 820 hours or more in the qualifying period and experience(d) a qualifying event have access to Paid Family and Medical Leave.

      Employees who work 25 hours or more in a position that includes insurance benefits, are eligible to enroll in Medical, Dental, and Vision coverage along with their qualifying dependents.

      • Employees must maintain an average of 25 hours or more to remain eligible.
      • Employees working an average of 25-29 hours per week will contribute 20% of total healthcare coverage costs.

      Employees who work 25 hours or more are eligible for PTO.

      Employees may take up to 60 additional hours of unpaid time off.

      Employees working 30 hours, or more are entitled to 36 hours of paid time, to be used over a 2-year period to attend continuing education coursework. These hours can be used at once or over time. Limit of 36 hours/every 2 years.

      For employees working 30 hours or more, WTS will pay for employee’s annual license renewal.

      Employees working 25hrs or more receive an annual parking pass for downtown parking worth $101 per month. WTS contributes 88% of this cost. This pass can be used outside of work hours as well. Value = $1032 annually.

    Wellness Therapies is an Equal EEO Opportunity Employer.