Riley Sebers, LMHCA, NCC


Mental Health Therapist

Riley holds a Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) from Gonzaga University. With an educational background in psychology, she has held a passion for promoting mental health and wellness for many years. Riley has experience helping individuals to meet their mental health and wellness goals in the face of concerns such as depression, anxiety, adjustment difficulties, and trauma. She especially enjoys working with college students.

Riley stands in support of and solidarity with marginalized and at-risk communities and fiercely believes that social justice and advocacy are an integral pieces of our overall well-being. Her therapeutic approach is warm, authentic, and compassionate. Riley utilizes an existential-humanistic framework that focuses on the client as the expert on their mental health experiences.

Increasing self-awareness, promoting personal agency, learning effective coping strategies, and engaging in meaning-making are critical components of Riley’s practice. Psychoeducation is another important piece of her work, promoting knowledge and empowerment. Ultimately, Riley strives to join you as a fellow-traveler and work alongside you in your journey to health and healing.

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