Committed to guiding clients to achieve a sense of health and well-being – tailored to their needs – and using approaches that are well-researched, person-centered, and lasting.

we are stronger together

Wellness Therapies Spokane strives to provide a safe, healing environment for our clients and our providers. We work together to create a sense of community, and a shared vision of pathways for healing and well-being.

Meg Curtin Rey-Bear, LMHC

Partner, EMDR, Individual & Family Therapist, Board Certified Counselor, State Licensed Supervisor

Lindsay Daehlin, LICSW

Partner, EMDR Therapist,

Reiki, Consultation, Supervision & Training

Allison Bennett, LICSW

EMDR & Individual Therapist

Patty Ferguson, LICSW

Mental Health Therapist

Jennifer Kizima

Individual, Teen & Child Therapist

Maggie Rowe, LICSW

EMDR, Individual, Teen & Child Therapist

Rachel Wagner

Mental Health Therapist

The wound is the place where the light enters you - Rumi