Linzi Cody has worked in the field of mental health since 2006. She earned her Master of Arts in Counseling in 2010 and her PhD in Counseling Psychology in 2015. She is a Licensed Psychologist in Arizona and Washington. Linzi primarily works with older adolescents, adults and couples. She can provide support and help with a variety of issues including; depression, anxiety, trauma recovery, work and school stress, relationship challenges, health and wellness, spirituality, and life transitions.

Linzi particularly enjoys and specializes in working with pregnant women and new parents. Her role is to offer support during the adjustment of adding a new member to the family and all of the emotions that come with this major life event. She is experienced in the treatment of perinatal and post-partum mood complications that can arise during and after pregnancy. Linzi is also familiar with and can offer generalized counseling focused on women’s health and psychology.

Linzi believes in the strong connection between mind and body, and works with clients to develop healthier lifestyles that facilitate ongoing emotional and spiritual growth. In addition to traditional sessions that take place in the office, Linzi is proud to offer outdoor “Walk and Talk” sessions for clients who are seeking to incorporate more physical activity into their lives or for those that may feel more comfortable talking in a less formal setting.

Linzi takes a collaborative and strengths-based approach to counseling with the goal of empowering her clients to find the solutions they seek. Through their work with Linzi, clients will resolve current stressors and develop new skills to manage issues that may arise in the future. Most importantly, clients can expect to learn a lot about themselves and their relationship to the world around them during their counseling experience with Linzi.

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