We don’t have to do all of it alone.  We were never meant to. – Brene Brown

we are stronger. Together.

Wellness Therapies strives to provide a safe, healing environment for our clients and our providers.

We work together to create a sense of community, and a shared vision of pathways for healing and well-being.

Join Our Team

Wellness Therapies Spokane is a community of therapists dedicated to helping clients find pathways of healing, growth, well-being, empowerment, and acceptance. We are currently seeking mental health clinicians to join our growing practice for both face-to-face as well as Telehealth.

We believe that all people should have access to our programs. We stand in solidarity with the Black, and LGBTQ+ communities, our marginalized, vulnerable, and at-risk populations in the fight against racism and injustice.

Wellness Therapies is not currently hiring. Please check back again. 

Wellness Therapies is an Equal EEO Opportunity Employer.